New Wilson Audio Products for 2024

Welcome to the unveiling of the latest innovations from Wilson Audio in 2024! Renowned for pushing the boundaries of audio excellence, Wilson Audio continues its legacy of crafting sound mastery with an unwavering commitment to precision engineering, cutting-edge technology, and uncompromising sonic performance. Wilson Audio introduces a lineup of groundbreaking products to redefine audio experiences this year, setting new benchmarks in acoustic brilliance, design innovation, and immersive sonic landscapes. 


WASAE Center Channel Experience the pinnacle of audio precision with the Wilson Audio Special Applications Engineering (WASAE) Center Channel. Crafted with innovative materials and cutting-edge engineering, this masterpiece redefines exceptional sound quality, ensuring unparalleled listening experiences. The WASAE Center Channel heralds a new era in multi-channel audio, delivering premium sound that captivates the senses. Meticulously crafted with MK5 Tweeters, high-quality capacitors, and binding posts, it ensures optimal performance and sonic finesse. Its design, equipped with adjustable spikes for precise driver alignment toward the listener, guarantees impeccable on-axis response, seamlessly integrating with other Wilson Audio products due to its 88 dB sensitivity. Despite its compact size, this engineering marvel produces surprising micro-detail and scale, ideal for center channel dialogue and music listening. Its impressive midrange clarity and lightning-fast transient speed redefine excellence in any space. Customize your WASAE Center Channel with WilsonGloss™ colors, grille options, and hardware combinations, reflecting your unique taste and complementing your décor. Explore various colors and combinations using our configurator to see how the WASAE Center Channel harmoniously blends technology and artistry, enriching your audio environment.


Alida CSC Redefining wall-mounted sonic brilliance; the Wilson Audio Alida CSC emerges as a groundbreaking loudspeaker initially conceived as a crucial element of the WATCH (Wilson Audio Theater Comes Home) system. Initially intended to complement 5.1 installations, its unparalleled frequency response and dynamic contrast perfectly harmonized with Wilson Audio’s floor-standing main speakers. Over time, the Alida CSC transcended its original purpose, becoming a sought-after speaker for two-channel music systems and spaces where floor-standing speakers weren’t viable. The Alida CSC shines as a primary channel system while excelling in multi-channel surround applications.


Mezzo CSC Wilson Audio meticulously crafts each new product release, focusing on materials, aesthetics, technological advancements, and the auditory experience. The Mezzo CSC isn’t just an incremental update; it embodies a myriad of enhancements, symbolizing our relentless pursuit of audio excellence. This loudspeaker redefines sonic mastery, encapsulating Wilson Audio’s legacy of “Excellence in All Things.” It seamlessly marries cutting-edge technology and intricate craftsmanship, transcending conventional limits to offer an unparalleled listening encounter. More than a mere speaker, the Mezzo CSC is a work of art that radiates elegance, seamlessly integrating into your living space. Whether grounded or elevated on purpose-built Wilson Audio Stands, it effortlessly harmonizes with your décor while delivering extraordinary sound quality. Engineered with top-tier components like adjustable tweeters, capacitors, and a meticulously designed main module, the Mezzo CSC is a testament to uncompromising quality, weighing 200 pounds of sheer excellence. Enhanced with custom-built binding posts, it ensures unparalleled connectivity, offering multiple termination options for a clean signal path. Customize your Mezzo CSC with WilsonGloss colors, grille options, and hardware combinations, and explore countless design possibilities using our configurator. Discover the harmonious fusion of artistic elegance and acoustic mastery with the Wilson Audio Mezzo CSC—where innovation meets timeless sophistication. 


Submerge Uncover the unseen depths of audio richness with Wilson Audio’s Submerge, a revelation concealed within the grooves of cherished vinyl collections and woven into the captivating soundtracks of beloved movies. It unveils the essential low-frequency nuances that infuse life into recorded music halls and heighten the cinematic impact of explosive scenes, elevating your audio journey with profound depth and tension. Crafted with precision-engineered X-material enclosures and an S-material front baffle, Submerge pioneers unparalleled vibration control in the center channel market, delivering sounds with unparalleled clarity and commanding authority, from whispers to thunderous explosions. With a 1,600-watt amplifier uniquely mounted to a massive heatsink plate, Submerge efficiently dissipates heat, ensuring optimal amplifier performance inspired by mountain ranges. Its sleek aluminum baffle beneath a handcrafted front grille seamlessly merges aesthetics with functionality, providing a visually appealing appearance without compromising efficiency. Drawing from the Master Subsonic’s legacy, the Submerge driver is anchored to a robust surface, combining a thick X-Material substrate and an aluminum baffle, guaranteeing a solid, damped foundation for delivering exceptional sonic precision. Submerge by Wilson Audio isn’t just a subwoofer; it’s an exploration into the depths of your audio encounters, enriching your music and movie experiences with unprecedented depth, resonance, and fidelity. 


As we conclude our journey through the innovative audio landscape of Wilson Audio’s 2024 lineup, it’s evident that these products epitomize the brand’s unwavering dedication to sonic mastery and design ingenuity. The WASAE Center Channel is a beacon of precision engineering, redefining exceptional sound quality and ensuring unparalleled listening experiences with its meticulously crafted components and remarkable performance in any space. The Alida CSC, born from a heritage of excellence, continues to transcend boundaries, seamlessly integrating into diverse audio setups while delivering unmatched sonic brilliance. The Mezzo CSC, a fusion of artistry and technical prowess, embodies myriad enhancements, setting a new standard in audio excellence and design sophistication. Lastly, Submerge emerges as a revelation, exploring the unseen depths of audio richness, enriching music and movie encounters with profound depth, resonance, and fidelity. These groundbreaking products from Wilson Audio promise to redefine your audio experiences, setting new benchmarks in acoustic brilliance and immersive sonic landscapes. 

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