Songs We’re Listening to in June

Here are a few tracks that LMC Home Entertainment is listening to right now. From Frank Sinatra to Hans Zimmer, these tracks encapsulate our diverse range of musical tastes and reflect our passion and love for music.


Lhasa De Sela – “Anywhere on This Road” from the album The Living Road. 

Another brilliant artist who passed before her time.  Her vocals are absolutely haunting on this one but listen as the intensity builds in this track. Layers upon layers are added and then taken away at the end. 

Frank Sinatra – “Fly Me To The Moon” (2008 Remaster) from Ultimate Sinatra.

This one has something for everyone.  If you want a soundstage where the music lives way beyond the boundaries of your speakers this one has it.  It’s also got scale and dynamics galore.  And….It’s FRANK SINATRA! 

M-Seven – “Shift” from the album Imaginary Being.

 Here’s one we got from a client and it’s been in constant rotation ever since.  Feel free to turn this one up a bit.  Extremely tight and immediate.  Actually the entire album is fantastic and worth a listen. 

Hans Zimmer – “Seville” from the Motion Picture Mission Impossible 2. 

This was a memorable scene in the MI:2 movie in part because it was Tom Cruise and Thandie Newton but also the intensity of the music.  Hans has a knack for adding the right amount of drama to a soundtrack. 

Freya Ridings – “Lost Without You” from her self-titled album.

Every time we play this song a client asks who the artist is.  It’s an amazing track and Freya’s vocals are beautiful and full of emotion. This is a great track to position speakers with, too.  If her voice is not dead center between the speakers, get back to work!


We invite you to join us by listening to the tracks listed here. Do you like what you heard? Let us know in the comments.

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