Wilson Audio Submerge


Submerge, the revelation hidden within the grooves of your cherished vinyl collection and nestled within the enthralling soundtracks of your favorite movies. It uncovers the vital low-frequency nuances that breathe life into recorded music halls and punctuate the cinematic impact of explosive scenes, enriching your audio experience with depth and tension.

Immersive Enclosure Technology:

Crafted with precision-engineered X-material enclosures and an S-material front baffle, Submerge pioneers unparalleled vibration control in the center channel market. Every sound, from whispers to thunderous explosions, resonates with unrivaled clarity and commanding authority.

Cutting-Edge Hardware for Unmatched Performance:

Featuring a 1,600-watt amplifier uniquely mounted to a massive heatsink plate on the rear, Submerge efficiently dissipates heat via T6061 Aluminum back plate and meticulously designed heatsink fins. Inspired by mountain ranges, this design efficiently manages heat, ensuring optimal amplifier performance.

Sleek Design Meets Superior Functionality:

Unveil the sleek aluminum baffle beneath the handcrafted front grille, which showcases a design that seamlessly merges aesthetics with functionality. The attachment hardware placed underneath grille post catchers guarantees a visually appealing appearance without compromising functionality.

Solid Build for Sonic Precision:

Drawing inspiration from the Master Subsonic’s legacy, the Submerge driver is secured to a robust surface, combining a thick X-Material substrate and an aluminum baffle. This fusion ensures a solid, damped foundation for delivering exceptional sonic precision.

Submerge by Wilson Audio is not just a subwoofer; it’s a gateway to the depths of your audio experience, enriching your music and movie encounters with unprecedented depth, resonance, and fidelity.


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