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Welcome to LMC, where "Legendary Music & Cinema" is more than our name - It's our passion! We feature the Southwest's finest collection of world-class audio/video components, most of which are designed and manufactured in the USA and Europe.

By offering exclusive world-class products, a highly skilled in-house design, build and installation team... LMC has become the source for discerning music and movie lovers!

You are invited to stop by and audition America's finest audio/video components and experience high-end home entertainment at its finest.

News & Events

Introducing the McIntosh PS2K Subwoofers

September 14, 2023

Every sound system thrives with a high-quality subwoofer. It has the capability to significantly elevate the listening experience of a premium audio system, introducing new depths of bass to your cherished music, movies, and more. Allow us to introduce the McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer – a genuine game-changer in the realm of bass performance. The…

Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX speakers Subwoofers

5 Songs to Enjoy on Your Hifi System During Quarantine

April 4, 2020

Well, we’re going on a couple months now of significantly less social contact with the outside world. We haven’t been able to dine in at our favorite restaurants or head to the ballpark to soak in the atmosphere of a baseball game in the spring. And while these are indeed strange times spent being mostly…