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Welcome to LMC, where "Legendary Music & Cinema" is more than our name - It's our passion! We feature the Southwest's finest collection of world-class audio/video components, most of which are designed and manufactured in the USA and Europe.

By offering exclusive world-class products, a highly skilled in-house design, build and installation team... LMC has become the source for discerning music and movie lovers!

You are invited to stop by and audition America's finest audio/video components and experience high-end home entertainment at its finest.

News & Events

Burmester 159s - Symphony of Power and Finesse

Burmester 159s – Symphony of Power and Finesse

February 21, 2024

Power, with subtlety. That’s the promise of the Burmester 159 amplifiers. Despite their substantial stature, these amplifiers offer more than just raw power – they deliver sweet, musical sound. Due…

Sonus Faber SE Last Call-2

The Sonus faber SE…Last Call

January 31, 2024

Sonus faber has continually impressed the world of high-end audio, their products are synonymous with superior ‘made in Italy’ craftsmanship and sonic excellence. The previous flagship to Sonus faber’s newly…

McIntosh 75th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating McIntosh’s 75th Anniversary

January 25, 2024

Since its inception in 1949, McIntosh has established itself as a leader in the world of hi-fi. The classic blue meter has become symbolic of McIntosh’s audio excellence. To celebrate…