Wilson Audio WASAE Center Channel


Experience the pinnacle of audio precision with the Wilson Audio Special Applications Engineering (WASAE) Center Channel. Crafted with innovative materials and cutting-edge engineering, this masterpiece redefines exceptional sound quality, ensuring unparalleled listening experiences.

The WASAE Center Channel heralds a new era in multi-channel audio, delivering premium sound that captivates the senses. Featuring:

Premium Ingredients: Meticulously crafted with MK5 Tweeters, high-quality capacitors, and binding posts, ensuring optimal performance and sonic finesse.

Design for Precision: With adjustable spikes enabling precise driver alignment towards the listener, the WASAE Center guarantees an impeccable on-axis response, integrating seamlessly with other Wilson Audio products due to its 88 dB sensitivity.

Incredible Performance: Despite its compact size, this engineering marvel produces surprising micro-detail and scale, ideal for center channel dialogue and music listening. Its impressive midrange clarity and lightning-fast transient speed redefine excellence in any space.

WilsonGloss™ Colors: Elevate your aesthetic experience by customizing your WASAE Center Channel. Choose from an array of WilsonGloss colors, grille options, and hardware combinations to design a speaker that reflects your unique taste and complements your décor.

Click here to explore the various available colors and combinations using our configurator and discover how the WASAE Center Channel can harmoniously blend technology and artistry, enriching your audio environment.


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