Music We’re Listening to This Week

Let’s face it…for music playback the future is now! With high fidelity streaming services like Qobuz and Tidal at your fingertips, each with tens of millions of tracks available, listening to your favorite band has never been easier or more convenient.  It’s almost overwhelming.  The biggest problem we may run into is deciding what to listen to every day.  Do I go home and listen to Fleetwood Mac Rumours again or Beatles Abbey Road for the millionth time?  Don’t get me wrong, I listen to both of those albums front to back and start to finish. OFTEN.  They will never get old and with a lot of albums like that being remastered they are now better than ever!  When you have 100 million(ish) songs at your disposal how do you find new music to listen to?  Where do we find demo tracks that will showcase a hifi system?  

We simply listen.  We listen to radio, we listen to streaming services, we listen to albums outside our comfort zone and different genres, we listen to curated playlists created by our hifi manufacturers, and we listen to you.  Very frequently a client will visit our showrooms and ask to hear a specific track on a specific system.  Sometimes it’s an old favorite that we’ve forgotten about and sometimes it’s an artist we’re not familiar with that we add to our ever changing and evolving mental list of demo tracks.  With that in mind we’ve decided to share with you some artists/albums/tracks that, for one reason or another, we enjoy listening to.  You might love them, you might hate them.  That’s the beauty of music.  It’s very personal and there is no wrong answer.  So please give these tracks a listen and let us know what you think.  

  • “Kiss of Life” by Sade
  • “Long After You’re Gone” by Chris Jones
  • “Angel” by Finneas
  • “Hoist the Colours” by The Wellermen
  • “Frank Sinatra” by Yellow Days

Check in often as we will continue to offer up more demo tracks selected by our team at LMC.  If you have a favorite track you feel we should know about please leave a comment down below. We’re always looking for new music to demo!

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