BC350s – Sleek Design with a Powerful Punch

From the moment you lay eyes on them, the Burmester BC350 commands your attention. The BC350 features a distinctive design that exudes elegance and sophistication making them a focal point in any room. With sleek lines, meticulous craftsmanship and a variety of wood finishes and colors, they will blend seamlessly into any decor.  But it’s not just appearance that sets the BC350 apart – the sound quality is equally remarkable. From the deepest bass to the crispest highs, the BC350 delivers an immersive listening experience that will transport you to audio bliss!


The BC350s offer two modes – “Pure” and “Live”. Pure mode offers distinguished and delicate note delivery allowing for a more intimate connection with the music. Live mode allows you to appreciate the dynamics of these imposing speakers with scale and drama. Whether you crave the subtle nuances of a quiet melody or the thunderous presence of a live performance, the BC350 delivers an audio experience that transcends expectations. 


Find the perfect balance of elegance and performance with the Burmester BC350’s now on demo at our Scottsdale showroom.  For more information see detailed review from Robert Harley from Absolute Sound here.

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