Introducing the Burmester BC350s: a pinnacle of audio engineering, combining elegant design, imposing dimensions, and uncompromising craftsmanship. These speakers represent the zenith of what is technically possible, delivering monumental performances where power and control form a harmonious alliance.

With an impressive shape designed to reach the deepest frequencies with limitless dynamics, the BC350s produce a delicate and highly detailed performance that fills any listening space. Enclosed by a lavishly milled aluminum frame, the housing provides solid support across all frequencies, ensuring resonance-free sound reproduction.

Featuring two distinct modes – “Pure” and “Live” – the BC350s offer a versatile listening experience tailored to individual preferences. Pure mode focuses on authenticity, tonal balance, and precision, delivering an audiophile-grade music experience with superior resolution and dynamic reproduction. In Live mode, the emphasis shifts to dynamism, involvement, and spaciousness, offering a truly immersive audio experience with a lifted stage and powerful dynamics.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the BC350s feature a high-resolution design with two 32 cm woofers, two 22 cm mid-woofers, and two AMT tweeters, each meticulously tuned to perfection. The housing construction, optimized using the Finite-Elements-Method, ensures extremely low vibration and resonance, allowing accurate sound reproduction without interference.

With specifications including a 3-way bass reflex design, weight of 405 kg per speaker, 550 Watts (Pure mode) power ratings, and 900 Watts (Live mode), the BC350s offer unmatched performance across the audio spectrum. Whether you crave the delicate nuances of a quiet melody or the booming presence of a live performance, the Burmester BC350s redefine the listening experience with unparalleled clarity, power, and sophistication.


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