The Sonus faber SE…Last Call

Sonus faber has continually impressed the world of high-end audio, their products are synonymous with superior ‘made in Italy’ craftsmanship and sonic excellence. The previous flagship to Sonus faber’s newly released Suprema, The Sonus faber SE, (TSF-SE) a limited production masterpiece is now in ‘last call’ status and available exclusively from LMC Home Entertainment. Please contact LMC (480-403-0011 or for available colors and pricing.

TSF-SE is an impressive, unmistakably Sonus faber design, crafted to perfection and delivering sonic excellence along with full scale dynamics expected from a reference loudspeaker. We could ramble on about its amazing sonic attributes but the review below dives deeper into the details and is a very worthwhile read, please click on the link below and enjoy!

The Sonus Faber Supremas A Symphony of Elegance and Sound-3

A Suprema Teaser

The audio world was once again floored when Sonus faber introduced Suprema, a three-quarter million dollar reference system that truly redefines state-of-the-art! The introduction was held in a large suite at the WYNN during CES ‘24 and quickly became the buzz of the audio world!  Suprema will be available for demonstration at LMC Home Entertainment towards the end of April. 

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