The Craftsmanship of Sonus faber Speakers

Since its inception in 1983, Sonus faber has been creating world-renowned speakers celebrated for their exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled sound quality. Any hi-fi enthusiast can instantly recognize Sonus faber products through their distinctive wood finishes and elegant, flowing lines. All handcrafted in Italy by expert artisans, these iconic design elements are more than just aesthetic choices; they’re a testament to Sonus faber’s unwavering commitment to merging art with audio engineering.

Sonus faber’s dedication to fine woodworking sets them apart in high-end audio. Sonus faber’s meticulous wood selection and treatment processes significantly impact the sound quality of their speakers. By choosing dense and resonant hardwoods like solid walnut and maple, they effectively control resonance within the cabinet, resulting in a warm and natural sound. These woods also possess inherent damping properties, absorbing excess energy and preventing unwanted resonance, leading to a cleaner and more accurate audio reproduction. The selected wood’s rigidity and stability maintain the cabinet’s structural integrity, ensuring consistent performance over time. Additionally, the density and weight of the wood contribute to a tighter bass response and improved overall clarity. Leather is also incorporated into Sonus faber’s products, contributing to  Sonus faber’s “natural sound”, allowing for incredible sound reproduction that is warm and full.

Sonus faber’s design philosophy emphasizes the importance of the human touch during production. Sonus faber employs artisans who bring a wealth of experience and a deep passion for woodworking to each speaker they craft. Each piece is handcrafted, with the wood carefully selected during the production process to match based on grain textures. This meticulous attention to detail ensures technical excellence and results in visually stunning speakers, making them true works of art for audio enthusiasts.

Sonus faber’s limited edition releases hold a special place in the brand’s illustrious legacy. These unique offerings are a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence. For example, to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary, Sonus Faber re-released the Extrema (stylized as Ex3ma), featuring a more muscular shape compared to the brand’s usual fare and a mixture of materials, including red spruce sides and a carbon fiber monocoque. Only 30 were made in the world and, in fact, the mold used to create the Ex3ma was destroyed to ensure exclusivity. Initially released in 1991, the Ex3ma is a milestone in Sonus faber’s journey of crafting audio masterpieces. Using carbon fiber monocoque, red spruce, avional, ergal, and beryllium to construct Ex3ma symbolizes the brand’s meticulous approach, drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as Italian violin-making tradition and automotive engineering. Each material serves a purpose, contributing to the speaker’s unparalleled sound quality and structural integrity. This limited edition release embodies Sonus Faber’s unwavering pursuit of audio perfection. LMC Home Entertainment currently has a Ex3mas on demo in our Scottsdale showroom.

The Sonus faber SE is a limited edition masterpiece, exclusively available to a select clientele through special requests. This refined edition undergoes a comprehensive overhaul, incorporating the latest advancements in driver and crossover technologies, showcasing a commitment to utilizing the finest components available globally. Rooted in a philosophy that blends inspiration with functionality, Sonus faber is a dream realized through pure passion and scientific research, with a singular focus on evoking emotions and capturing the essence of music. Meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation converge in this speaker, boasting a 3.5-way system, variable geometry radiation, and a stealth reflex vented box. The speaker’s technical specifications, from beryllium dome diaphragms to sandwich cone structures, underscore its beauty, tradition, and innovation. With a frequency response from 18Hz to 36,000Hz, a sensitivity of 92 dB SPL, and a power handling capacity ranging from 100W to 1KW without clipping, the Sonus faber SE is an exceptional embodiment of acoustic excellence, delivering a captivating and natural musical experience. The Sonus faber SE is available and on demonstration exclusively at LMC Home Entertainment’s showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In conclusion, Sonus faber’s legacy in high-end audio is nothing short of extraordinary. Since its inception nearly four decades ago, the brand has consistently delivered speakers of exceptional craftsmanship and unrivaled sound quality. Their distinctive wood finishes and elegant designs are unmistakable hallmarks of Sonus faber’s dedication to merging artistry with audio engineering. 


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