Linn 360 Loudspeaker: The Pinnacle of Sound Quality

In the world of high-end audio, one name has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and sound quality—Linn. As they celebrate their 50th anniversary, Linn has unveiled their latest masterpiece, the Linn 360 loudspeaker, a flagship speaker that sets new standards in audio excellence.

A Milestone in Sound Engineering

Linn proudly presents the Linn 360 loudspeaker, a marvel of audio engineering that redefines what is possible in sound reproduction. Gilad Tiefenbrun, CEO of Linn, said, “It is without a doubt the finest loudspeaker we have ever made, streets ahead of our previous benchmark.” Let’s delve into the remarkable features that make the Linn 360 a true milestone in audio technology.

Cutting-Edge Drive Units

The heart of any speaker lies in its drive units, and Linn has spared no expense in crafting the perfect ones for the Linn 360. A 19mm Beryllium dome tweeter is at the helm, known for its exceptional clarity. Paired with it is a woven carbon fiber midrange cone, meticulously engineered to minimize distortion to levels imperceptible to the human ear.

But the innovation continues beyond there. The Linn 360 employs upper and lower bass drive units made from an aluminum-magnesium alloy. These lower bass drivers boast an extended range and more than double the excursion capability compared to Linn’s previous models, delivering rich and powerful bass that envelop the listener.

Power DAC Technology

Linn takes a groundbreaking approach to bass reproduction with its proprietary Power DAC technology. This technology combines digital-to-analog conversion and amplification into a single stage, extending the digital path and minimizing signal loss. The result is bass reproduction that’s both precise and impactful, further enhancing the overall listening experience.

Exakt System and Adaptive Bias Control

The Linn 360 loudspeakers integrate Linn’s advanced Exakt system, which provides digital signal processing for precise control over the audio signal. Additionally, these speakers feature Adaptive Bias Control, a real-time technology that eliminates distortion from the amplifiers, ensuring consistently optimal performance.

Form Meets Function

The Linn 360 loudspeakers not only sound exceptional but also look the part. Their distinctive front baffle design, paired with precisely positioned drive units and a concentric arc waveguide-incorporating surround trim, ensures optimal sound dispersion in all directions.

The cabinet is a work of art constructed from meticulously folded 3D laminates. It features a front baffle that gracefully extends around the speaker’s sides, enhancing aesthetics and sound performance. You can choose from five elegant finishes, including matte grey, amber, and gloss black from The Glasgow Collection or classic piano black or alpine white from The Classic Collection.

Two Variants, One Exceptional Sound

The Linn 360 loudspeakers are available in two variants:

  1. Exakt Integrated Exact: This variant houses the speaker’s crossover, DAC, and amplification circuitry. It is designed for seamless integration with a Linn DSM network player, delivering a fully integrated and exceptional audio experience.
  2. Passive with Aktiv Bass: Designed for use with Linn and non-Linn amplifiers or an all-external Linn Exakt Aktiv system using Exaktbox. This variant offers the flexibility to integrate into a wide range of audio setups while maintaining the exceptional bass performance of the Linn 360.

Elevate Your Audio Experience

The Linn 360 loudspeaker is not just a speaker but a masterpiece representing the pinnacle of audio engineering and design. Whether you seek uncompromising sound quality, innovative technology, or a stunning addition to your living space, the Linn 360 delivers on every front.

Join Linn in celebrating its 50th anniversary with the Linn 360 loudspeaker—a testament to its enduring commitment to audio perfection. Experience the future of sound today.

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