Burmester 159s – Symphony of Power and Finesse

Power, with subtlety. That’s the promise of the Burmester 159 amplifiers. Despite their substantial stature, these amplifiers offer more than just raw power – they deliver sweet, musical sound. Due to their innovative adjustable damping factor-just one of their many technological advancements, the 159’s can be optimized for your speakers.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail along with renowned German precision engineering,  the Burmester 159 amplifiers stand as a testament to Burmester’s unwavering pursuit of audio excellence. No longer does one need to rely on low power amplifiers to deliver delicate sound; the 159s deliver every note from the delicacy of a harp to the slam of a kick drum…From a whisper to a roar, every nuance of your favorite music is faithfully reproduced. 

Discover the perfect balance of strength and sophistication with the Burmester 159 power amplifier. Experience your favorite music at a heightened level of intimacy and clarity that redefines the listening experience. Whether you’re listening to a full scale classical symphony, a rock concert or an intimate jazz ensemble, Burmester’s 159 amplifiers deliver each musical score with precision and depth, immersing you in music like never before. 

For a deeper dive into Burmester’s new flagship amplifier, please click on the link below to read Robert Harley’s detailed review: 159-review-Dec-2022

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