Sonus Faber SF16

A new chapter of the Sonus faber history has been written with the re-born of the most pioneering project that marked our history….Sf16 is the first “all-in-one” integrated audio system that provides 1400W of powerful performances and a truly easy installing mode and usability.
According to the highest tradition of Sonus faber, Sf16 is also an elegant piece of furniture with a deep luxury appeal.

Imagine a complete hi-fi system that can actually “feel” the atmosphere of your music room: if you are relaxing alone, or if there is a huge party going on, Sf16 can modulate its power and expression to transform your place…

Wilson Audio Alexx

Alexx incorporates Wilson’s latest thinking on loudspeaker design in the areas of time-domain geometry, driver configuration, and driver development. It is the latest beneficiary of Wilson’s ongoing analysis of low-resonance cabinet strategies via laser micrometer. Alexx draws from both recent designs such as the Alexia and the Sabrina, as well as the WAMM—Dave Wilson’s up and coming Magnum Opus—with which it was developed concurrently.


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