Sonus Faber Palladio Level 6


Inspired by the Olympica Nova Collection, the Palladio Level 6 in-wall and in-ceiling speakers redefine custom installations. These models are not just speakers but a fusion of acoustic excellence and home furnishing.

Voice of Sonus Faber:

Experience the signature timbre of Sonus Faber loudspeakers, with a warm, captivating sound achieved through meticulous design. The 29mm silk dome tweeters employ DAD (Damped Apex Dome™) technology. At the same time, the mid-ranges and mid-woofers feature custom diaphragms crafted from natural fiber and cellulose pulp, embodying Sonus Faber’s distinctive touch.

Versatile Design:

Specific models (PC-664P, PL-664, PW-662) feature a wooden sealed box for sound insulation, ensuring precise control of speaker loads and minimizing sound pollution. The LCR model PL-664 adapts to various orientations, allowing horizontal and vertical installations. Two wooden panel options facilitate these arrangements seamlessly.

Palladio Collection:

Designed to transcend the limitations of traditional listening spaces, the Palladio collection redefines the listening experience. These speakers offer total sound immersion, combining versatility with aesthetic appeal.

Level 6 and Olympica Nova Fusion:

Incorporating premium materials and Sonus Faber’s iconic style, Level 6 introduces a new standard in craftsmanship. The addition of the Premium Kit, available for PL-664 and PW-662, includes a natural wood front panel with hand-made maple inlays (walnut or wengè finishes), a paintable magnetic frame, and the iconic elastic string grille, synonymous with Sonus Faber’s high-end ranges.

Ease of Installation and Customization:

Featuring an edgeless metal grille, each Palladio model is designed for discreet integration. The grilles are paintable, and in-ceiling models offer the option of a square magnetic grille for added customization. The swing-out dog fixing system ensures swift and secure installation on the plasterboard. Pre-mount kits are available for in-ceiling models, facilitating new construction installations.

Technical Specifications (Palladio Level 6):

  • System: 2-way in-ceiling system, Infinite baffle
  • Loudspeakers:
    • Tweeter DAD™ driver: 29 mm / 1.1″
    • Midwoofer: 165 mm / 6.5″
    • Woofer: –
  • Power Output: 40 – 200 W (Undistorted signal)
  • Dimensions:
    • Frame outer: Ø 234 mm / 9.2‘’
    • Cut out: Ø 208 mm / 8.19″
    • Depth behind the surface: 115 mm / 4.5″
    • Protrusion: 10 mm / 0.40″

Elevate your installation experience with the Sonus Faber Palladio Level 6, where craftsmanship meets innovation in perfect harmony.


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