Sonus faber il Cremonese

Floor Standing Full-Range Speaker

  • Red, Walnut
  • Made in Vicenza, Italy
  • On Demo in Scottsdale


Homage to both history and innovation

The innovative five sides cabinet “Rhomboidal diamond design”  optimizes the structural solidity of the wooden cabinets with a unique diamond shape that is immediately recognizable. Inspired by the shape of Lilium, Il Cremonese introduces clean lines and an elegant, minimal, and sharp design. The tilt of the cabinet, its five non-parallel walls structure and the sides applied on the enclosure, increases structural strength of this loudspeaker system. The solutions adopted eliminate any possible resonance thanks to very strong reinforcing structures strategically placed within the enclosure. This new and atypical Sonus faber form represents an evolution towards technological and visual innovation, simultaneously maintaining the historic milestones that marked the history of violin making, as well as the history of the Sonus faber brand itself.


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