Sonus faber Aida

Floor Standing Full-Range Speaker

All the technological and stylistic experience of Sonus faber is condensed in Aida, la pinnacle of Sonus faber catalogue in which are expressed at their best elegance, refinement, but also, power and precision. Their flagship maintains the name of the grandiose opera by Giuseppe Verdi; as the masterpiece of the Italian opera, Aida will be able to immerse the listener in a new dimension where the emotion of music has never been so realistic. Aida can reveal how Sonus faber improved, always keeping its original intuition, the synthesis of tradition with technological innovation.


Don’t let the familiar face fool you: Aida maintains the typical lute shape and the typical design elements that made it so recognizable, has been completely overhauled, embracing the most advanced electroacoustic developments of the latest years. This “3 and 2/3 way” loudspeaker system features the patented “Stealth Ultraflex”, for a better bass extension, the “Anima Legata” system and the “Tuned Mass Dampers”, for maximum elimination of inner spurious vibration, the patented “Zero Vibration Transmission”, for saving the listening environment from the spread of vibration and for a better performance of the infrawoofer, and the “Sound Field Shaping” technology, for a new dimensionality of sound and perceived size of the sound-stage.   The most radical among the new changes is the selection of all-new driver systems, all of them rigorously “made in Italy” and featuring a Neodymium motor system.


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