MBL Radialstrahler 101 X-treme

  • Floor Standing Speaker
  • On Demo in Scottsdale

MBL How It’s Made Part 1

MBL How It’s Made Part 2

A loudspeaker in which mbl has taken conservation of energy to its ultimate consequence: all bass, middle and high tone units are fully coordinated with one another and function on an axis of 180 degrees. This means that all impacting forces are neutralised and the system can function in perfect ease. All loudspeaker volume levels are active and thus do away with those energy-wasting post-impulse oscillations that afflict conventional loudspeakers and the air they contain. The two subwoofer towers can be actively fitted to the room to avoid erasement and ensure transmission of the full music signal. Experience the pure energy of the music – just as though you were present at the original performance.  This loudspeaker system is tangible proof of mbl’s highest claim – that mbl builds legends.


Radialstrahler mbl 101 X-treme

MBL’s goal remains unchanged: developing the most advanced speakers and audio players worldwide plus the establishment of a standard above all competitors – with the highest possible demand on quality. Every single MBL component is man-made, from development and design to the manufacturing, testing and listening – from the idea to the finished product. It’s up to you, the music lover, to assess the result. Your judgement, your emotion when you listen to your favourite piece of music on one of our players, this is what counts at MBL. Let yourself be enchanted by music and the design of our music equipment – all our efforts are dedicated to music and to you.


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