McIntosh XRT2K

Floor Standing Loudspeaker System

  • 2,000 Watts of Power
  • Tri-wire and tri-amp capabilities

McIntosh engineers made the dream come true with a three way dual column design meticulously housing forty tweeters, sixty-four midrange and six woofers. In XRT2K, all elements are chosen for use with high power amplifiers up to 2,000 watts. The XRT2K is a full range line array system with mirror-image symmetry. Listeners sitting close to the  home theater systems will not hear ‘hot spots’ of certain frequencies and listeners at a great distance notice little drop off in sound. The sound dispersion pattern is smooth and wide, resulting in exceptional stereo image in a greater variety of listening positions. XRT2K comes with sealed aluminum cabinet allows the system to be located close to a rear wall without bass “boom.”

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