McIntosh MC257 7-Channel Solid State Amplifier


Elevate your home theater to new heights with the McIntosh MC257. This 7-channel solid-state amplifier delivers an impressive 250 Watts per channel for three channels and 200 Watts for all seven channels, ensuring a dynamic and immersive audio experience that will leave you speechless.

The MC257 boasts McIntosh’s iconic TripleView™ Power Output Meter, visually representing the amplifier’s output levels for each channel. This distinctive feature adds a touch of McIntosh’s legendary aesthetic and is a valuable tool for optimizing your audio setup.

With a remarkable 94% increase in Dynamic Headroom compared to previous models, the MC257 offers ample power reserves to handle the most demanding audio peaks. You can enjoy explosive movie soundtracks and intense musical passages with unparalleled clarity and precision.

The Dynamic Power Manager® and Power Guard® technologies enhance the amplifier’s performance, ensuring clean and distortion-free audio even at high volume levels. Specifically engineered for home theaters, the MC257 is designed to deliver a cinematic audio experience that rivals the best commercial cinemas.

Whether you’re engrossed in a gripping action sequence or immersed in a musical concert, the McIntosh MC257 will transport you to the heart of the experience with its unmatched audio quality and power.

Transform your home theater setup with the McIntosh MC257 7-Channel Solid State Amplifier and experience cinema-grade audio like never before. Elevate your entertainment and let every moment come to life with breathtaking sound.


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