McIntosh MA9500 2-Channel Integrated Amplifier


Experience audio excellence like never before with the McIntosh MA9500 2-Channel Integrated Amplifier. Boasting a robust 300 Watts per channel, this powerhouse amplifier delivers unparalleled performance that will bring your music to life.

The MA9500 features an 8-band tone control, allowing you to fine-tune your sound to perfection. Whether you prefer a neutral, transparent audio profile or a more customized listening experience, the MA9500 puts you in control.

Equipped with the DA2 Digital Audio Module, the MA9500 ensures digital audio sources receive the highest attention to detail. This module elevates your digital playback to reference-level quality, supporting high-resolution formats for a truly immersive listening experience.

With a 55% increase in Dynamic Headroom, the MA9500 reproduces music peaks precisely and accurately. Every subtle nuance and powerful crescendo in your favorite tracks will be faithfully rendered, delivering an emotional and engaging listening experience.

Designed with McIntosh’s signature attention to detail and craftsmanship, the MA9500 is a powerhouse of performance and a statement piece of audio artistry. Its elegant aesthetics and impeccable build quality make it a centerpiece in any audio enthusiast’s setup.

Rediscover your favorite music with the McIntosh MA9500 2-Channel Integrated Amplifier. Its blend of power, precision, and craftsmanship sets a new standard for audio excellence. Elevate your listening experience to the next level with the McIntosh MA9500.


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