McIntosh MA7200 2-Channel Integrated Amplifier


Elevate your audio experience with the McIntosh MA7200 2-Channel Integrated Amplifier. Delivering a robust 200 Watts per channel, this amplifier ensures that your music is reproduced with precision and impact.

Equipped with the advanced DA1 Digital Audio Module, the MA7200 provides exceptional digital playback capabilities. Experience your favorite tracks with newfound clarity and depth as the DA1 module transforms digital sources into an immersive sonic journey.

An optional DA2 Digital Audio Module upgrade is available for those seeking even more terrific sonic refinement. This upgrade unlocks a new level of audio performance, allowing you to explore the full potential of your digital music collection.

Crafted with McIntosh’s legendary attention to detail, the MA7200 is a testament to engineering prowess and aesthetic finesse. Its timeless design and impeccable construction make it a standout addition to any discerning audio setup.

Rediscover your favorite music with the McIntosh MA7200 2-Channel Integrated Amplifier. With its combination of power, precision, and craftsmanship, it sets a new standard for audio excellence. Unleash the full potential of your audio system with the McIntosh MA7200.


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