McIntosh LB100 Light Box – NEW IN BOX


The McIntosh LB100 Light Box is the quintessential accessory for McIntosh enthusiasts, proudly displaying the unmistakable heritage of your McIntosh home audio system. Designed with the iconic “Handcrafted In The USA Since 1949” statement, this light box serves as a badge of honor, letting everyone know the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into McIntosh products. Compact and versatile, it shares a similar size with McIntosh CD players, making it easy to integrate into any standard audio/video rack, furniture setup, or stacked alongside other McIntosh gear. The front panel features the illuminated McIntosh logo and handcrafted statement, creating a captivating and awe-inspiring appearance.

The LB100 is not just a visual delight but also a practical addition to your setup. With a Power Control input and output on the back, it seamlessly integrates with other McIntosh components, turning on and off in sync with your amplifier, preamplifier, or other devices. If Power Control is not utilized, a convenient back panel switch provides manual control. True to the timeless McIntosh aesthetic, the LB100 features an illuminated black glass front panel and aluminum end caps, ensuring that it not only complements but enhances the overall visual appeal of your audio environment.


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