McIntosh MC901 1-Channel Dual Mono Amplifier


Introducing the McIntosh MC901 1-Channel Dual Mono Amplifier – an engineering marvel representing audio performance’s pinnacle. With its groundbreaking Hybrid Drive™ technology, this amplifier redefines what’s possible in high-fidelity sound reproduction.

At the heart of the MC901 lies a fusion of the finest vacuum tube and solid-state technologies. This Hybrid Drive™ architecture leverages the unique strengths of both technologies, resulting in a sonic experience that transcends conventional boundaries. The result is a level of performance that audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike will find genuinely exceptional.

Explicitly designed for bi-amping loudspeakers, the MC901 offers 300 Watts from its vacuum tube amplifier and 600 Watts from its solid-state counterpart, all within a single chassis. This dual-mono configuration ensures that every nuance of your music is faithfully reproduced, with the vacuum tube section providing exquisite clarity to mid and upper frequencies. In contrast, the solid-state section effortlessly drives power-hungry woofers.

The MC901 also features McIntosh’s innovative DualView™ Power Output Meter, allowing you to monitor the output of both the vacuum tube and solid-state sections in real-time. This visual feedback provides a captivating display of the amplifier’s operational status, adding an extra dimension to your audio experience.

With its unrivaled combination of vacuum tube warmth and solid-state precision, the McIntosh MC901 sets a new standard for amplifier technology. Whether listening to delicate acoustic melodies or thunderous orchestral crescendos, the MC901 delivers every musical detail with unparalleled accuracy and emotion.

Experience the future of audio amplification – experience the McIntosh MC901. It’s not just an amplifier; it’s a testament to McIntosh’s unwavering pursuit of sonic excellence. Elevate your audio journey and rediscover your favorite music like never before.


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