McIntosh MC3500 1-Channel Vacuum Tube Amplifier Mk II


Drawing inspiration from the iconic 1968-71 MC3500, the McIntosh MC3500 Mk II pays tribute to a legend in the world of amplifiers. With its distinctive heritage, this monoblock amplifier stands as a testament to McIntosh’s commitment to preserving the essence of audio excellence.

At the heart of the MC3500 Mk II lies eight EL509S high-power output vacuum tubes, meticulously selected to deliver 350 Watts of power. These tubes, known for their robust performance and musicality, form the backbone of the amplifier, ensuring every note is rendered with precision and fidelity.

To safeguard against potential distortion, the MC3500 Mk II features McIntosh’s advanced Power Guard Screen Grid Sensor™ and Sentry Monitor technologies. These proprietary innovations actively monitor and adjust the amplifier’s operation, providing a seamless and distortion-free listening experience.

The amplifier’s solid cinch speaker binding posts ensure a secure and reliable connection to your speakers, allowing for uninterrupted audio signal delivery. This attention to detail reflects McIntosh’s unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Visually, the MC3500 Mk II is a work of art. Its machined aluminum front panel boasts a bead blast finish and is elegantly accented with gold anodizing. This exquisite design not only exudes a timeless aesthetic but also serves as a testament to the amplifier’s exceptional engineering.

With the McIntosh MC3500 Mk II, you’re not just acquiring an amplifier – you’re welcoming a piece of audio history into your system. Experience the revival of a legend and immerse yourself in the unparalleled sonic performance that only McIntosh can deliver. Elevate your audio journey with the MC3500 Mk II.


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