Linn Selekt DSM Edition Hub


Elevate Your Audio Experience with the Linn Selekt DSM Edition Hub

The Edition Hub is a testament to precision engineering, boasting an all-machined construction that enhances rigidity, interior isolation, and overall aesthetic allure. With seamless lines, concealed joins, and understated luxury, the Hub redefines the visual and tactile experience.

Crafted with both heat management and design excellence in mind, the primary vent is meticulously cut into the aluminum plate lid, resembling a dynamic wave. Angled and selectively machined, each aperture creates a captivating play of reflections across its various finishes and surfaces.

The control dial of the Edition Hub has undergone significant enhancement. Its stainless-steel bearing ensures a smooth, tactile rotation when adjusting volume, while the photo-etched steel halo emits a cool, sharp light from one hundred individual LEDs.

The all-glass fascia is composed of mirrored spyglass, concealing a large-format display that presents information with crystal clarity, seamlessly fading to invisibility when not in use.

On the rear panel, Edition Hub offers a comprehensive array of connections, ensuring seamless integration with diverse audio sources.

As a standard feature, the Edition Hub incorporates Linn’s latest power supply design – the Utopik – an exceptionally efficient, highly responsive, and precision-regulated system that delivers unparalleled performance.

Experience audio excellence redefined with the Linn Selekt DSM Edition Hub. Elevate your listening pleasure to new heights.


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