Linn Selekt LP12

The LP12 is completely modular, so you can have it built to your own unique specification. But don’t worry if that seems like too much choice — to get you started, Linn has pre-configured three complete versions of LP12 for you to choose from.

Whether you go for the ultimate Klimax version, the entry level Majik, or upgraded Akurate, you’ll hear more music than you thought possible from the groove of a record. Plus every LP12 is modular and can be upgraded to the latest specification, piece by piece.


The Selekt LP12 is more than a turntable; it’s an audiophile’s dream. With the promise of future upgrades, it invites you to delve deeper into the musical treasures within your record collection. Positioned between the Majik LP12 and the no-compromise Klimax LP12, this elite Sondek package embodies precision engineering and uncompromising quality.

Starting from US$14,560, the Selekt LP12 promises a musical journey. Its exceptional sonic quality and limitless upgrade potential mirror its digital counterpart, the Selekt DSM. This turntable harmonizes an ensemble of high-performance components from the Linn range, culminating in a captivating musical experience.

Key Components:

  • Kendo Elite Moving Coil Cartridge (Starting from US$3,715)
  • Arko High-Precision Gimballed Tonearm (Starting from US$3,900)
  • Karousel Bearing with Single-Point Precision (Starting from US$1,130)
  • Lingo AC Motor Supply (Starting from US$2,200)
  • Kore Machined Armboard (Starting from US$1,395)
  • Trampolin Suspended Feet for Additional Isolation (Starting from US$293)

Technical Specifications:

  • Sondek LP12 Turntable with Karousel Bearing
  • Kore Aluminium Sub-Chassis with Machined Armboard
  • Trampolin Suspended Aluminium Base Board
  • Lingo Hybrid Internal/External Power Supply
  • Arko 7075-Grade Aluminium Gimballed Tonearm
  • Kendo Moving Coil (MC) Cartridge
  • Dimensions: Width 445 mm, Height 140 mm, Depth 356 mm
  • Speed: Dual Speed at 33⅓ & 45 rpm
  • Motor Type: 12V Synchronous AC Motor


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