Linn 360

The Klimax 350 is the ultimate intelligent loudspeaker, featuring the best of Linn’s in-house technologies designed to eliminate loss between you and the artist.

Taking a digital signal as their input, the Klimax 350 ensures zero transmission loss from the source. Then Linn’s Organik DAC retrieves the maximum amount of musical information from this digital signal, enabling their most natural sound ever.

Exakt technology aligns all the musical frequencies to arrive at your ear at the same time, exactly the way real musical instruments are experienced.

Because you’d expect the same incredible performance at all volume levels, the Klimax 350’s Dynamik power supply delivers 3000 W with speed and precision.

And while every room has its own effect on your music, Klimax 350 utilises our patented Space Optimisation technology to optimise performance based on the acoustic properties of your room and your desired speaker placement.

The result is the ultimate listening experience.


Unveiling the audibly invisible Linn 360 speakers, engineered to deliver a listening experience of unprecedented clarity and realism. Free from sonic coloration, the 360 speakers redefine audio precision through innovative drive unit and amplifier technologies, achieving the lowest levels of audible distortion ever witnessed.

Unrivaled Clarity without Distortion: 360 is engineered to eradicate audible distortion, thanks to cutting-edge material science driving its drive units’ development and seamless integration with the latest amplifier technologies. Meticulously honed curves of the cabinet, paired with precisely matched drive units, ensure pristine dispersion characteristics and an unparalleled listening experience.

Immersive Sound-Stage Experience: With 360, you experience pure sound-stage magic. Vocals suspended in space, lifelike scale, and depth create an immersive audio environment where the perception of listening to stereo speakers vanishes entirely.

Zero Coloration with Ultra-Low Distortion: Central to the 360’s sonic brilliance is its ability to maintain zero coloration, owing to its ultra-low distortion design achieved through groundbreaking material science and amplifier integration.

Breakthrough Dispersion Characteristics: Crafted with a curvy front and meticulously placed drive units, 360 emanates sound without obstruction, ensuring consistent tonality in every direction and reinforcing the original recording’s soundstage.

Visually Remarkable Aesthetics: The visually stunning 360 boasts a curvaceous cabinet, intricately machined trim, and a range of dynamic finishes that marry modern flair with timeless elegance. Designed for both function and aesthetic appeal, the cabinet’s fluid form and robustness push the boundaries of traditional design.

From the Clyde Built Glasgow Collection to the Classic Collection, Linn offers a range of curated cabinet finishes that embody pride in Scottish heritage. The Glasgow Collection features dynamic finishes that complement the 360’s curves, while the Classic Collection exudes timeless elegance in Piano Black and Alpine White.

Experience the culmination of cutting-edge technology, precision engineering, and exquisite design with Linn 360 Speakers—where audio perfection meets visual sophistication.


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