dCS Vivaldi Master Clock


The dCS Vivaldi Master Clock is a formidable yet user-friendly Grade 1 master clock, embodying cutting-edge technology derived from dCS’s pioneering advancements in studio and home audio.


In digital audio systems, accuracy in both the level and timing of samples is paramount. However, jitter, an inherent aspect of all digital systems, can introduce timing errors, leading to inaccuracies in the reconstruction of the analog signal.

While a dCS system’s DAC can serve as the master clock, dedicated high-quality master clocks remain unparalleled, as confirmed by listening tests. dCS has been at the forefront of external clock implementation in digital audio systems. The multi-stage Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) system in the Vivaldi Master Clock sets industry-leading standards in mitigating jitter from incoming audio streams.

Each dCS Master Clock undergoes rigorous in-house testing. Crystal oscillators are meticulously selected for long-term stability and calibrated over a wide temperature range, ensuring consistent optimal performance. The Vivaldi Master Clock employs a sophisticated microcontroller system for seamless temperature correction, providing a more stable result than oven-controlled crystal oscillators or atomic clocks.

The clock is designed to generate industry-standard Word Clock on 75-ohm coaxial cable, making it compatible with other manufacturers’ equipment designed to accept standard Word Clock.

The Vivaldi Master Clock can also be synchronized to an external reference, such as an atomic clock or GPS reference, for enhanced accuracy. The multi-mode Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) significantly reduces jitter from the reference source.

Key Features:

  • Crystal Oscillators with Temperature Correction: The dual crystal oscillators, enhanced by microcontroller-based temperature correction, ensure precision in timekeeping.
  • Dual Frequency Output: The clock features two banks of independently selectable clock outputs, accommodating different frequencies, thereby enhancing compatibility with various digital sources.
  • Clock Accuracy: The Vivaldi Master Clock boasts exceptional accuracy, better than +/-1ppm when shipped and typically +/-0.1ppm when stabilized.
  • Soft Programmable Logic: The user-friendly approach allows for easy software updates, enabling the addition of new features, performance improvements, and adaptation to evolving digital formats.


  • Type: Class 1 Master Clock
  • Clock Frequencies: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, or 192kHz
  • Finish: Silver or Black
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 444mm/17.5” x 435mm/17.2” x 126mm/5.0”. Allow extra depth for cable connectors.
  • Weight: 13.6kg/29.9lbs
  • Word Clock I/O: Two groups of 4 independently buffered outputs on 75Ω BNC connectors. Each group may be set to a different clock frequency.
  • Digital Inputs: External Reference Input on 1x 75Ω BNC connector, accepting Word Clock or AC coupled signals at 1MHz, 5MHz & 10MHz.
  • Clock Accuracy: Better than +/-1ppm when shipped. Typically +/-0.1ppm when shipped and stabilized.
  • Start-Up Time: Typically 1 minute to rate accuracy
  • Power Supply: Factory set for 100, 115, 220 or 230V AC, 49-62Hz.
  • Power Consumption: 10 Watts typical/12 Watts maximum.

The dCS Vivaldi Master Clock exemplifies uncompromising precision and technological prowess, offering an unparalleled enhancement to your digital audio system. Elevate your listening experience with this remarkable masterpiece of engineering.


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