dCS Vivaldi APEX DAC


The dCS Vivaldi APEX DAC is the pinnacle of audio engineering, embodying a commitment to uncompromising quality, relentless innovation, and meticulous attention to detail. Comprising a dedicated DAC, Upsampler, Clock, and CD/SACD Transport, it distills the core elements of playback to deliver a performance that is both technically precise and profoundly musical.


The Vivaldi APEX unfurls the most intricate recordings with absolute precision and poise, projecting a sound that feels natural and exquisitely complete. Music comes to life under its delicate touch, unfurling every note to unveil a panoramic view of a recording or mix. It captures the subtlest nuances and the swiftest shifts in tempo and tone with perfect rhythm and flow, uncovering not just the fine details but the silences and spaces in between—the tension, drama, and emotions beneath.

Designed for pure musical expression, the Vivaldi aims to vanish, leaving you immersed in sound and engrossed in the world the artist intends. Its pioneering architecture, in a four-chassis design, pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in digital playback.

With the introduction of the Vivaldi APEX, we’ve taken our world-leading Vivaldi DAC and elevated it further with the next-generation Ring DAC APEX™ hardware. This major upgrade pushes the boundaries of performance, resulting in an even more immersive musical experience.

Key Features:

  • Limitless Potential: Compatible with all high-resolution music formats, offering exceptional sound and an effortless listening experience. Settings and filters can be tailored to suit your music collection and audio setup.
  • Comprehensive Inputs: Equipped with AES3, Dual AES, SDIF-2, S/PDIF inputs, and an asynchronous USB 2.0 interface.
  • Enhanced Digital Volume Control: Allows direct connection to a power amplifier, eliminating the need for a separate preamp. Maximum output can be adjusted to suit various amplifier and speaker combinations.
  • High-Performance UPnP Streamer: Provides instant access to audio from a wide range of streaming services and external devices.
  • Mosaic Platform: Offers seamless management of playback and system settings through a user-friendly mobile app.


  • Next-Generation Ring DAC APEX™ Hardware: Reduces distortion and enhances linearity for superior musical performance.
  • Cutting-Edge Processing: Utilizes the latest generation dCS Digital Processing Platform for state-of-the-art measured performance and unrivaled fidelity.
  • Flexible Input Configuration: Accepts audio data from various digital sources, optimizing system performance with or without preamplifiers.
  • Clocking Architecture: Incorporates a comprehensive clocking architecture and auto-clocking mode for improved ease of use and reduced jitter.


  • Type: Digital-to-Analogue Converter
  • Finish: Silver or Black
  • Converter Type: dCS proprietary Ring DAC™ topology, with a choice of 3MHz or 6MHz operation
  • Analogue Outputs: 1 pair of balanced outputs on 2x XLR connectors, one pair of unbalanced outputs on 2x RCA connectors
  • Digital Inputs: USB 2.0 interface, 4x AES/EBU inputs, 2 x Dual AES pairs, 2 x SPDIF on RCA Phono connectors, 1 x SPDIF on BNC connector, 1 x SPDIF on TOSLINK connector, 1 x SDIF-2 interface
  • Wordclock I/O: 3 x Word Clock Inputs, 1 x Word Clock Output
  • Residual Noise: Better than -113dB0 @ 20Hz-20kHz unweighted (6V setting)
  • L R Crosstalk: Better than -115dB0, 20-20kHz
  • Spurious Responses: Better than -105dB0 @ 20-20kHz
  • Power Consumption: 23 Watts typical/50 Watts maximum
  • Dimensions: 444mm/17.5″ x 435mm/17.2″ x 151mm/6.0″ high. Allow extra depth for cable connectors. Allow space for airflow around the unit.
  • Weight: 16.2kg/35.65lbs

The dCS Vivaldi APEX DAC is a testament to uncompromising excellence, redefining the boundaries of digital audio reproduction and delivering an immersive musical experience that is second to none.


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