dCS Rossini Transport


The dCS Rossini Transport redefines the art of digital playback, seamlessly integrating a wide range of digital sources to deliver music of unparalleled quality. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to precision and excellence, the Rossini Transport is designed to elevate musical performance. Building upon the groundbreaking technology developed for the flagship Vivaldi series, it incorporates the latest dCS Digital Processing Platform and Ring DAC, ensuring future-proof adaptability.

Equipped with a single FPGA, the Rossini Transport introduces advanced signal processing and enhanced flexibility, guaranteeing compatibility with evolving technologies. It excels in up-sampling CD data to DSD, DSD/128, or DXD, transmitting it through the Dual AES/EBU interface. SACDs are rendered in their native DSD format, again via the Dual AES/EBU interface. For native CD data, three PCM outputs (1x AES3 and 2x SPDIF) are available, along with down-sampled SACD data.

The CD/SACD Transport mechanism boasts a robust 2mm steel frame, complemented by a cast aluminum disc tray and vibration-dampening materials. This combination ensures exceptional rigidity, vibration resistance, and operation free from resonance. The electronics have been meticulously optimized to guarantee ultra-low-noise disc reading. Control of the Rossini Transport is effortlessly managed through the custom Rossini control app, providing a streamlined interface for CD or SACD playback, digital sources, and UPnP sources, all from one control point.

Designed and meticulously crafted in Great Britain, the Rossini’s elegant chassis features aerospace-grade machined aluminum augmented with internal acoustic damping panels. This construction minimizes sound-degrading mechanical vibration and magnetic effects. Multi-stage power regulation is implemented, isolating the main transformer from the analog, digital, and clock circuitry.

As with all dCS disc Transports, the Rossini’s firmware can be easily updated via CD, ensuring continuous improvement and feature additions over its lifetime. The Rossini system immediately captivates listeners with its natural musicality and unwavering fidelity to the original recording. It delivers a potent and visceral sound yet maintains exceptional transparency, creating an immersive and true-to-life listening experience.

Key Features:

  • Cutting-Edge Processing: Utilizes the latest generation dCS Digital Processing Platform, ensuring state-of-the-art measured performance and an unrivaled musical experience.
  • Comprehensive Playback: Plays Red Book CDs in their native 16/44.1 format, up-sampling data to DSD, DSDx2, or DXD. Additionally, it plays SACDs in their native DSD format and downsamples data to 16/44.1 format.
  • Configuration Menu: Includes the ability to save/restore settings, along with EasyPlay functionality for improved ease of use.
  • Enhanced Power Supplies: Improved power supplies contribute to lower running temperatures and superior tolerance to AC supply variations.
  • Precision Engineering: Aerospace-grade machined aluminum chassis with tuned acoustic damping panels reduces magnetic effects and vibration.


  • Type: Upsampling CD/SACD Transport.
  • Color: Silver or Black.
  • Mechanism: Dual laser CD/SACD mechanism.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 17.5″ long x 17.2″ deep x 7.0″ high. Allow extra depth for cable connectors. Allow space for airflow around the unit.
  • Weight: 45.3lbs
  • Digital Outputs: Dual AES interface on 2x 3-pin male XLR connectors (AES1+2), AES interface on 3-pin male XLR connector (AES3), 2x SPDIF on 1x RCA Phono and 1x BNC connectors.
  • Word Clock I/O: Word Clock Output on 1x BNC connector, Word Clock Input on 1x BNC connector.
  • Clock Accuracy: +/-10ppm (not temperature compensated).
  • Software Updates: Loaded directly from CD-R.
  • Local Control: dCS Premium Remote handset (not supplied with Rossini Transport as standard). Via the Rossini app, RS232 app, or a third-party device.
  • Power Supply: Factory set to 100, 115/120, 220, or 230/240V AC, 50/60Hz.
  • Power Consumption: 16W typical / 50W maximum. Consumes less than 0.5W when powered down from the front panel.

The dCS Rossini Transport redefines digital playback, ensuring a musical experience of unparalleled depth and fidelity, setting new standards in high-end audio.


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