dCS Rossini APEX DAC


The dCS Rossini APEX DAC epitomizes a harmonious blend of cutting-edge engineering, meticulous craftsmanship, and enduring elegance. This exceptional system offers a performance that is both exceptionally detailed and emotionally resonant. Whether you choose the integrated Player or the dedicated DAC, CD/SACD Transport, and Clock, you’re guaranteed a unique experience that embodies dCS’s distinctive approach to digital playback.

The Rossini consistently delivers music with remarkable precision and care, offering a seamless, natural sound without harshness or glare. From the subtlest notes to the most potent crescendos, it uncovers every nuance of a recording, presenting a performance that feels multi-dimensional, authentic, and complete. It maintains composure, even with the most complex compositions, effortlessly tracking shifts in dynamics and tempo with unwavering control. With its relentless focus and remarkable insight, it unveils a holographic view of a recording, immersing you in the atmosphere and space of the original performance.

Designed and hand-assembled at dCS’s headquarters in Cambridgeshire, England, the Rossini reflects a labor of love characterized by meticulous craftsmanship, exhaustive development, and an unwavering attention to detail. It represents a tireless pursuit of musical purity that has driven dCS to push the boundaries of sound reproduction. Crafted with robust engineering and an elegant aesthetic, the Rossini is built to withstand even the most demanding use while delivering a profoundly immersive sound across all levels and outputs. Its flexible, future-proof design ensures it will continue to provide a state-of-the-art listening experience for years to come.

As a distinguished member of the renowned Vivaldi system, the Rossini features dCS’s proprietary Ring DAC system, digital processing platform, and clocking architecture— a combination of hardware and software that stands unparalleled in sonic and technical performance. In 2022, the Rossini APEX benefits from the latest generation dCS Ring DAC APEX hardware, introducing a range of measured and sonic improvements that further elevate the performance of this beloved, multi-award-winning system, providing an even richer experience for listeners.

With compatibility across all high-resolution music formats, from DSD to PCM, DXD, and MQA, the Rossini is a versatile system ready to adapt to your musical preferences. Whether streaming or enjoying physical discs, it offers breathtaking sound quality and an effortless listening experience. The Rossini Player and DAC provide instant access to music from various sources, with internal upsampling and filtering options for customized performance. The intuitive Mosaic control app streamlines playback management, allowing seamless browsing across multiple platforms.

With its comprehensive feature set, impeccable engineering, and elegant design, the dCS Rossini APEX DAC is a testament to dCS’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence. Available in both silver and black finishes, it is a timeless piece that not only delivers exceptional sound but also elevates any audio setup to new heights. Elevate your listening experience with the dCS Rossini APEX DAC.


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