dCS Lina Network DAC


The dCS Lina Network DAC is a pinnacle of audio engineering designed to deliver an unparalleled auditory experience. Its advanced features, including the dCS Ring DAC system and Digital Processing Platform, ensure a pristine, detailed, and deeply natural sound reproduction. With oven-controlled oscillators, it maintains stability even in changing conditions, minimizing jitter and enhancing good quality. The dCS Mosaic platform offers seamless hi-res streaming from various sources, and its flexible firmware allows for future upgrades. The patented dCS Expanse technology optimizes headphone listening for a more immersive experience. The sleek design in black machined aluminum with a crystal LED display adds a touch of elegance to any setup. With a comprehensive range of inputs and outputs, the Lina DAC is versatile and adaptable to different setups. It’s not just a piece of audio equipment; it’s a testament to uncompromising quality and innovation in sound reproduction.


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