McIntosh C12000 2-Channel Solid State Preamplifier


Introducing the McIntosh C12000 2-Channel Solid State and Vacuum Tube Preamplifier – a masterpiece of audio engineering that brings together the best of both worlds. With its revolutionary Hybrid Drive™ technology, this preamplifier offers an unparalleled listening experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

At the heart of the C12000 lies the fusion of vacuum tube warmth and solid-state precision. This Hybrid Drive™ architecture harnesses the unique strengths of both technologies, resulting in a sonic performance that is nothing short of extraordinary. The result is an audio experience that is rich, detailed, and incredibly immersive.

The C12000 features separate audio and control sections, ensuring pristine signal integrity and minimizing interference. With 12 analog inputs, including two configurable phono inputs, this preamplifier offers versatility and compatibility with a wide range of audio sources. Whether spinning vinyl records or streaming high-resolution digital audio, the C12000 delivers exceptional clarity and fidelity.

One of the standout features of the C12000 is its ability to switch between solid-state and vacuum tube output stages. This allows you to tailor the sound to your preference, whether you seek the precision of solid-state or the warm, harmonically rich character of vacuum tubes. The choice is yours, providing a level of customization that is truly exceptional.

Built with fully balanced circuitry, the C12000 ensures that your audio signals are handled with the utmost precision and accuracy. This results in a lifelike soundstage, where each instrument and vocal is rendered with breathtaking realism. Whether listening to intimate acoustic performances or dynamic orchestral arrangements, the C12000 faithfully reproduces every nuance of the music.

Experience the future of preamplification with the McIntosh C12000. It’s not just a preamplifier; it’s a testament to McIntosh’s unwavering commitment to audio excellence. Elevate your listening experience and rediscover your favorite music like never before.


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