Burmester BA31

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  • Floor Standing Speaker
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The Burmester Ambience BA31 loudspeaker is a derivative of the larger BA71, which has excited audiophiles with its outstanding musicality and its ability to project almost unlimited sonic power.

The BA31 profits all around from advances and innovations in the development of its larger sibling. Its well-balanced 2 1/2-way design shines with the reproduction of deep bass, excellent speech resolution and great clarity in musical details. The BA31, too, offers a rearfiring ambience tweeter, which can be used to adjust the sound to individual tastes or to the requirements of the listening room. It can also be switched off. It opens up the width and depth of the soundstage in a way that heretofore seemed possible only with omni-directional or dipole speakers. However, with Burmester’s Ambience loudspeakers this phenomenon is not only achievable but also adjustable.


The cabinet front is made from solid, acoustically decoupled aluminum finished in silver, medium bronzed or black. The speaker housing, elaborately braced on the inside for stiffness, is available in high-gloss finished makassar or walnut light and walnut dark. Alternatively, the speaker is also available in white or black high gloss enamel. Of course, a combination of finishes for fronts and cabinets may be custom selected.


In Burmester’s specialized Berlin speaker factory the hand-assembled frequency crossovers are carefully connected to the drivers, with individual crossovers dedicated to different frequency ranges to ensure optimal performance. They are expertly mounted as close as possible to the respective drivers.

  • 2 1⁄2 way system
  • Bassreflex design for a powerful, clean low bass range
  • Air Motion Transformer (AMT) with ultralight diaphragm, super strong neodymium drive, utmost dedication to detail, sonic neutrality and level stability
  • Identical ambience tweeter on the rear of the enclosure with level control for individually adjusting the spaciousness of the sound image
  • High quality connection terminal, suitable for massive cable lugs as well as e.g. low mass hollow banana plugs
  • Optional bi-wiring and bi-amping operation to use e.g. different power amps for the low and the high/mid range
  • The enclosures with acoustically decoupled aluminium front panels and braced MDF walls add to the low resonance reproduction of the fundamental range
  • The veneer and lacquer finishes in five different versions may be combined with aluminum front panels in three different colors

 Structural principle: 2 1⁄2 way, bassreflex

Nominal power handling: 200 W

Sensitivity at 2,83V/1m: 87 dB

Nominal impedance: 4Ω

Frequency range ±3 dB: 38-45.000 Hz

Tweeter: 2 x Air Motion Transformer

Midrange driver: 170 mm fiberglass paper cone

Low-midrange driver: 170 mm fiberglass paper cone

Crossover frequencies: 400 Hz/ 3000 Hz

Weight per piece: 89.4 lbs.

Dimensions (W x H x D): 10” x 41.3” x 14.8”