Burmester 911 MK3

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The stereo power amp 911 MK3, second largest amp from Burmester, is re- garded as one of the most powerful amps on the world market.

The 911 MK3 power amplifier is a close derivative of the reference power amp 909 and is regarded as one of the quickest and most powerful amps in the audio world. Its strong performance is the result of the knowledge and experience gained during the design and manufacture of the much-acclaimed 909 power amp. The MK3 moniker indicates that Burmester’s second largest power amp has reached its third generation of refinement. With the distinctive appearance of the silver anodized fins of its heat sinks the 911 MK3 exudes power and elegance. It tightly controls any bass driver and proves that there is a lot of musicality in the bass line. Excellent spatial resolution, detail and musical warmth characterize the sonic signature of the 911 MK3.


The design of the 911 MK3 power amplifier represents the perfect blend of form and function. The silver anodized housing elements and aluminum cooling fins in typical Burmester design are recognized for their stylishness and timeless beauty. The fins work as perfect heat sinks and make certain that the power amp is able to pump out maximum performance on command without strain. The chrome plated triangle with the curved manufacturer’s signature on top of the chrome plated front trim leave no doubt that this is a genuine member of the Burmester power amp family. The lid with the large milled Burmester signature has proven so popular that it is now offered as an option for other company amps.


Like all Burmester components the 911 MK3 power amplifier is hand-assembled in the Berlin factory. All parts and components that are used for Burmester power amps are measured and selected to very tight tolerances. This is considered necessary to ensure the best-quality build, reliable operation and value-retention over many years. The aluminum fins of the heat sinks, which give Burmester power amps their distinctive appearance, are manufactured by a Berlin supplier on especially developed tools. Most of the other components are also bought from local top-tier suppliers. This is the basis for Burmester to ensure uncompromising manufacturing quality and long-lasting reliability for which the brand is well known.


  • Bridgeable into mono operation by external mono adapters or internally at the factory when initially ordered as mono
  • Bi-amping via external bi-amping adapters
  • Balanced circuitry throughout like all Burmester components
  • Input stages with Burmester X-amp technology (class A)
  • Completely DC-coupled without distorting capacitors in the signal path
  • Generously dimensioned power supply provides high current capability
  • High damping factor enables effortless control of any speaker over the entire frequency range, even at high frequencies
  • Stable at any load over the entire frequency range
  • Massive binding posts for connection of speaker cables (please use spade plugs only!)
  • Remote on/off switching in connection with Burmester pre-amps and D/A converters with variable output
  •  A protection circuit outside of the signal path monitors the 911 mK3 during operation foroverheating, DC offset and overdrive.

Standard model with engraved chrome triangle name plate, housing in silver anodized. Custom nishes upon request.



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