Burmester 909 MK5

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  • Power Amplifier
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The 909 MK5 is the largest power amplifier in Burmester’s portfolio and one of the most powerful audio amps in the world.Its impressive size and the ability to not only play loud but also to convey the most intricate musical details have made the 909 a reference component all over the world.

Audio journals have celebrated it for years as “the ultimate power amp”. This power amplifier represents the best in engineering ingenuity and available electronic components. With an extremely high damping factor and the ability to deliver huge currents the 909 effortlessly controls any speaker. Even speakers with very low impedance are no match for the unflappable power supply of the 909. Pulse transmission is practically load-independent. The warm and at the same time detailed sound signature of the 909 impresses even the most demanding audiophiles. Its ability to communicate even the smallest musical detail at any volume level with any speaker is unequalled on the world market today. Many awards bestowed on the 909 by international audio magazines have impressively confirmed this unique position.

Among audiophiles, the 909 is highly regarded for its warm yet detailed sound. The 909 is unsurpassed in its ability to decipher the smallest musical detail when driving the best speakers in the world, keeping the ability for extreme bass control even at the highest volume levels. ‘The burmesters performed an amazing ‘disappearing’ act in Larry Alan Kays system, leaving behind the most natural impression of music-making he has observed’. (Fi-magazine, San Francisco).

  • Bridgeable for mono operation by external mono-adapters. May also be ordered in internal mono con guration from the factory
  • Completely balanced signal path design like all Burmester components
  • Input stages in Burmester Class A X-amp design
  • DC-coupled signal path without distorting capacitors
  • Generously dimensioned power supply for high current output
  • Effortless control of any loudspeaker through a high damping factor over the full frequency range, even at highest volume levels
  • Stable operation into all loads
  • Remote on/off feature when used with Burmester power pre-amps
  • Processor-controlled error diagnosis


The imposing appearance of the 909 MK5 power amplifier gives form to the underlying total commitment to the highest level of audio reproduction. The massive heat sinks with their silver anodized fins are an easily recognizable feature of Burmester power amps. The same is true for their ability to project the finest sound at any volume level without strain or distortion. Form and function of the 909 meld to a commanding entity, which serves as reference point for all other power amps in Burmester’s portfolio, not to mention the rest of the industry.


To complete a 909 power amplifier requires a whole range of assembly and quality control stages in the Berlin factory. From hand-assembled circuit boards, where each soldered connection is carefully checked, and top-quality transformers to computer-aided measuring stations it takes about 100 hours to produce a 909. This is not counting the seven-day burn-in period and the final quality control and listening tests under real-world conditions. All this is necessary to ensure that the customer receives an audio component that is outstanding in every respect.

Dimensions (WxHxD): 19 in x 20.3 in x 19 in

Weight: 170 lbs

Power output:

  • Stereo: 2 x 600 W (4 Ω), 2 x 1.250 W (1 Ω)
  • Mono: >1x 1.930 W (4 Ω), >1x 3.200 W (1 Ω)

Continous peak current: 65 A

Damping factor: >1000

Noise suppression: >81 dB

Input sensitivity: 730 mV for full gain 320 mV for 100 W into 4 Ω load

Frequency response: 0-200 kHz (-3dB)

  • Standard version with chrome bracket, engraved gold triangle, housing and heatsinks black or silver annodized. Custom design upon request.