Linn LP12-50


Experience the Iconic Sondek LP12-50: Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

In honor of the 50th anniversary of one of hi-fi’s most legendary products, Linn proudly presents the limited edition Sondek LP12-50, a collaboration with the innovative design collective LoveFrom.

The LP12-50 achieves an unprecedented pinnacle of vinyl playback, embodying the distinctive design language that Sir Jony Ive and the LoveFrom team curated. It introduces Linn’s revolutionary Bedrok™ plinth technology, an intricately engineered material comprised of layers of beech, exhibiting remarkable density and isolation for the turntable’s mechanism, virtually eradicating resonance.

LoveFrom’s design finesse extends to the precision-machined power/speed control button and hinges, providing a tactile and accurate interaction with the turntable. Honoring the essence of the original Sondek LP12, aesthetic enhancements have been integrated to elevate its quality and integrity.

This historic creation seamlessly merges extraordinary sonic fidelity, user-friendly functionality, and aesthetic allure, with only 250 units slated for production. Each LP12-50 showcases an embossed aluminum plaque commemorating this meaningful collaboration and bearing a unique serial number.

Key Features:

  • All-new, pressure-formed Bedrok™ plinth technology
  • Machined aluminum power/speed control button and hinges
  • Embossed aluminum plaque with individual numbering and builder’s name
  • Space grey aluminum base
  • Available in natural wood or painted white finish
  • Space grey anodized arm board with Sondek LP12-50 model name

Experience the LP12-50 – a testament to half a century of audio excellence. Only 250 will ever exist. Reserve yours today.


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