The Sonus Faber Supremas: A Symphony of Elegance and Sound

Sonus Faber has been crafting legendary loudspeakers reminiscent of stringed musical instruments since 1983. Distinguished by their distinctive wood cabinetrySuprema Organic Basket
Suprema Main + Sub Shadowand sleek designs, Sonus faber speakers have positively impacted the high-end audio industry. The new Sonus faber Supremas represent a culmination of the brand’s 40-year commitment to audio perfection with the company’s self-described “most ambitious project to date.”

The Supremas consist of a four-column system; two loudspeakers, two subwoofers, and an electronic crossover. The two main columns feature a 4.5 way driver design and the iconic Sonus faber lute shape, while the subwoofers take on the elliptical shape of the Stradivaris. The materials consist of a carbon fiber and wood blend, combining durability and harmonic excellence. The front of the main speaker columns feature premium leather from luxury furniture and car seating brand Poltrona Frau.

Sonus faber has redefined the intersection of form and function, showcasing an aesthetic brilliance that mirrors its sonic prowess. The design philosophy behind the Suprema goes beyond traditional speaker aesthetics, presenting a visual masterpiece that seamlessly integrates into any sophisticated listening environment.

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