Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic

The WAMM Master Chronosonic, arguably the world’s best speaker, is on demo exclusively at LMC Home Entertainment in Scottsdale. The WAMM is the most time-domain correct loudspeaker in Wilson’s history. It achieves new heights in terms of technology and execution. From drivers to cutting-edge composites, from crossover technology to perfecting geometries. Most importantly, the adjustability in the time domain is precise down to five millionths of a second for any installation—accuracy heretofore only achievable in the theoretical domain.

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In the late seventies, Dave Wilson began experimenting with adjustable modular arrays. Empirical listening combined with careful measurements revealed that the ability to adjust the loudspeaker’s drivers within the time domain—specifically as it related to aligning the leading edge transients of each of the individual drivers—was critically important. He realized that even tiny errors in the alignment of the drivers in relationship to the listener caused obvious sound-quality degradation. Through the late seventies and into the dawn of the eighties, he continued to explore these ideas, as well as modify and evolve his loudspeaker prototype. During this time, Dave applied for and acquired a patent for adjustable-propagation-delay loudspeaker arrays. More importantly, he continued to develop and refine his proprietary method for the accurate measurement of time-domain deviations.

By late 1981, his hard work had culminated in the form of his first assault on the state-of-the-art of believable music reproduction. He called his new loudspeaker the Wilson Audio Modular Monitor—the WAMM. The WAMM was a multi-module loudspeaker, each module physically adjustable in relationship to the other modules in the time domain. It was the physical manifestation of Dave’s theories surrounding the lifelike recreation of music.

To call the original WAMM a breakthrough is an exercise in understatement.


In conjunction with WAMM and Alexx, Daryl Wilson and Wilson’s team of engineers revisited the current state of the art of tweeter technology. The research included tweeter domes constructed of diamond and beryllium. After exhaustive testing and listening, Wilson’s engineering team concluded that the silk-dome Convergent Synergy Tweeter remains the most musically authentic and emotionally satisfying tweeter yet tested. Yet again, Wilson’s unique holistic approach to design was at play here—employing a combination of carefully conducted measurements and empirical listening. The Wilson-designed Convergent Synergy was further and specifically evolved and developed for the Master Chronosonic, and is designated as the MK5 version.


Unlike the original WAMM, which required a subwoofer to cover the bottom octaves, the Master Chronosonic is a true full-range design. In order to achieve Dave’s design goals, it was decided that an all new approach in the area of bass drivers was needed. The design imperative was to maximize transient integrity, speed, and bottom octave extension. The all new 10.5 and 12.5 inch woofers were designed from the ground up to complement each other, specifically addressing the challenges presented by using two woofers with different diameters in a single enclosure. These new woofers incorporate all of Wilson’s cumulative on accurate and musical low-frequency music reproduction. The Master Chronosonic’s heroic bass enclosure, with its unmatched ability to control and eliminate unwanted resonances, is the ideal platform in which to mount the Master Chronosonic’s bass drivers.

Aerospace-Grade Aluminum

The infrastructural Gantry supporting the time-domain adjustability—the Master Chronosonic Micrometer—is constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum. One of aluminum’s virtues is modulus of elasticity. This quality, combined with relatively low mass, resistance to corrosion, and low toxicity, make it an excellent material to form the adjustable support structure for the modules, ensuring that the overall rigidity of the module launch points is maintained. Because even the best aluminum is not well suited for driver interface or module damping, the Master Chronosonic employs Wilson’s composites, X-, W-, and S-Materials in these locations.

The aluminum is finished in a beautiful prismatic machined pattern, calling to mind the Guilloché finish of the finest Swiss watches.


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