Wilson Audio Sasha Series 2

Color: Macadamia / Black Accessories (Not Pictured)

Sasha, like the WATT/Puppy before it, remains Wilson’s best selling speaker. Its combination of high performance in a relatively compact form factor has always been its greatest strength. The Sasha Series-2 takes the performance side of that equation to an entirely new plane.

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The WATT/Puppy is perhaps the most salient and iconic example of Dave Wilson’s lifelong quest for the absolute sound. The WATT, the upper module of the combination, began in the mid-eighties as a utilitarian recording tool, a portable, ultra-high resolution location monitor for the recordings he was then making. The WATT was later paired with a dedicated woofer module—the “Puppy.” The WATT/Puppy combo became Wilson Audio’s largest selling product. The reason was simple: it was a truly compact, full-range loudspeaker that could fit easily in most real-world listening rooms while still offering the bass speed and extension, the dynamics, and musicality associated with much larger systems.

With the advent of Sasha W/P, Dave and his team re-imagined the platform as a unified system. The previously discrete WATT, which, emblematic of its location-monitor heritage, could function as a stand-alone loudspeaker, was discontinued. The Sasha was redesigned from the ground up as an integrated system, allowing Wilson to optimize every detail to achieve the next quantum leap in compact loudspeaker performance.

Research and development is a never-ending process at Wilson Audio. Inevitably, technology that didn’t exist at the debut of Sasha W/P Series 1 influenced the design and execution of Sasha Series-2. Two prime examples: Laser Vibrometry Analysis, long used in automotive and aerospace applications, allows us to measure mechanical vibrations in our cabinets down to the level of nanometers. This invaluable data allows Wilson to optimize the composite structure of the cabinet, as well as the position and thickness of the internal braces. The Wilson Convergent Synergy tweeter was developed for the flagship Alexandria XLF. We next adapted it for the three-module Alexia. For the Sasha Series-2, a new version was designed specifically for its two-module platform, and features a bespoke rear-wave chamber.


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