Sonus faber Homage Vox

Floor Standing Full-Range Speaker

  • Piano Black, Red/Black Satin
  • Made in Vicenza, Italy
  • On Demo in Scottsdale


The new loudspeaker of the Sonus faber Homage line.

Homage Vox is the center channel designed to be the perfect completion of an home theater system made up with Amati futura, Guarneri evolution or Aida. From the aesthetical  and functional point of view, the new 3 way  by Sonus faber is totally compatible with the rest of the precious elements of the line. Homage Vox is not only  the best choice in terms of performances, but also the most “natural” solution to bring to life a voice that was still missing in the Sonus faber’s idea of an Homage home theater system.  As the rest of the speakers of the collection, Homage Vox has been created following the same criteria of new standard that  brought to the reinterpretation of the past heritage and to the birth of Amati futura, Guarneri evolution and Aida, that represents their synthesis and their evolution. The heritage of the past is evident also in its shape and in the choice of materials, completely coherent and harmonious with the previous Homage speakers of Sonus faber. Homage Vox, the missing voice of your home theater system.


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