Sonus faber Aida

Floor Standing Full-Range Speaker

  • Red, Walnut, White, Graphite
  • Made in Vicenza, Italy
  • On Demo in Scottsdale


From the fusion of “tradition” and “technological innovation” comes the beauty of a new era.

Like “Aida”, the greatest expression of Verdi’s talent, which represents a wonderful blend of the tradition of Italian melodrama and innovation through abandoning conventions, so too is the new Aida project a blend of tradition and innovation. A synthesis that expresses beauty. The thirty year tradition of Sonus faber is condensed in this new and extraordinary project. It is our core values that gather the fruits of our labours in the progress made through Amati Futura and Guarneri Evolution. They marked important milestones and are crowned by an even deeper awareness of the roots of Sonus faber. This experience has lead us to enhance the best elements of our traditional approach, such as the knowledgeable use of natural materials for the transducer membranes, regardless of the trends and fashions of the moment, thus reinventing the pillars of our identity.


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