McIntosh MI502 2-Channel Digital Amplifier


Introducing the McIntosh MI502 2-Channel Digital Amplifier – a powerhouse engineered for custom install applications. With its formidable performance capabilities, this amplifier is poised to elevate your audio experience.

Delivering an impressive 500 Watts into 8 Ohms and a substantial 800 Watts into 4 Ohms, the MI502 provides ample power to drive even the most demanding loudspeakers. This ensures that your audio system delivers uncompromising performance, whether listening to music, watching movies, or enjoying other forms of media.

Designed with flexibility, the MI502 is rack-mountable in a 2U configuration, making it suitable for various installation scenarios. Its compact form allows for seamless integration into residential and commercial setups, while its robust build quality ensures years of reliable operation.

The MI502 has advanced features such as Signal Sensing, which automatically activates the amplifier when an audio signal is detected. This intelligent functionality enhances user convenience and conserves energy by powering down the amplifier when not in use.

Additionally, the amplifier incorporates McIntosh’s signature technologies, including Power Guard® and Sentry Monitor™. Power Guard® prevents distortion and protects your speakers from potential damage caused by excessive power levels, while Sentry Monitor™ continuously monitors the amplifier’s output to maintain optimal performance and reliability.

With the McIntosh MI502, you’re not just getting an amplifier but investing in a superior audio experience. Whether designing a custom home theater or a high-end audio system, the MI502 delivers the power, precision, and flexibility you need to bring your vision to life. Elevate your audio journey with McIntosh, where excellence in audio engineering meets uncompromising performance.


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