McIntosh MDA200 D/A Converter


Introducing the McIntosh MDA200 D/A Converter – your gateway to premium digital audio performance. Whether you’re looking to incorporate digital music playback into an all-analog system or seeking an upgrade for an older converter, the MDA200 is the perfect choice.

Outfitted with the cutting-edge DA2 Digital Audio Module, the MDA200 sets a new standard for digital music reproduction. It supports high-resolution formats, including up to DSD512 and 24-bit/192kHz, ensuring you experience every nuance and detail of your favorite tracks with unparalleled clarity and precision.

Versatility is at the heart of the MDA200’s design. With seven digital inputs – including two coaxial, two optical, one USB, one MCT, and one HDMI (ARC) – you can connect various digital sources, from media players to streaming devices. This ensures that you can enjoy your music collection in the format that suits you best.

The MDA200 doesn’t just excel in the digital realm; it also delivers impeccable analog performance. Equipped with balanced and unbalanced analog outputs, it seamlessly integrates with your existing audio setup, providing a seamless transition between digital and analog playback.

With the McIntosh MDA200 D/A Converter, you’re not just investing in a piece of audio equipment – you’re unlocking a new level of sonic fidelity. Whether rediscovering your favorite albums or exploring high-resolution audio, the MDA200 is your passport to an extraordinary listening experience. Elevate your audio journey with the unmatched quality and precision of McIntosh.


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