McIntosh XRT1.1K Floor Standing Loudspeaker


The McIntosh XRT1.1K Floor Standing Loudspeaker is a powerhouse of audio engineering, boasting a robust 1,200-watt power rating. While slightly more compact than its larger counterpart, the XRT2.1K, the XRT1.1K retains exceptional sonic capabilities. Designed with a ported 4-way configuration and utilizing a line array, it delivers an expansive soundstage with impeccable stereo imaging, catering to listeners in various positions. This speaker features an impressive array of 70 drivers, ensuring precise sound reproduction across all frequencies. The carefully engineered crossover network guarantees a seamless frequency response, even at high volumes. Beyond its outstanding performance, the XRT1.1K exhibits a striking aesthetic, combining a high-gloss piano black finish with elegant aluminum accents. The innovative suspension system and adjustable feet ensure optimal contact with the floor, minimizing potential distortions. With features like Solid Cinch™ binding posts and optional illumination, McIntosh once again marries form and function in this exceptional loudspeaker. Visit your local dealer to experience the XRT1.1K’s unparalleled audio quality.


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