McIntosh MX180 A/V Processor


Experience audio and visual excellence like never before with the McIntosh MX180 A/V Processor. Designed to deliver unrivaled performance, this processor has a host of cutting-edge features.

With 7 HDMI ports supporting 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz, HDCP 2.3, Rec. 2020, and 4:4:4 color spacing, the MX180 ensures pristine picture quality and seamless connectivity with your favorite devices. Dynamic HDR, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision support enhance visual experience.

The MX180 boasts 15.1 audio channels for the ultimate audio immersion, supporting Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, and Auro-3D. This processor brings a new dimension to your home theater, enveloping you in a three-dimensional soundstage that places you at the heart of the action.

Thanks to RoomPerfect Room Correction, the MX180 optimizes audio performance based on your room’s unique acoustics. This ensures you experience audio exactly as the creators intended, regardless of your room’s characteristics.

With features like Quick Media Switching, Auto Low Latency Mode, Quick Frame Transport, and Variable Refresh Rate, the MX180 is equipped to handle the demands of modern media, providing a seamless and responsive viewing experience.

With up to 64 input capabilities, the MX180 offers unparalleled versatility, accommodating a wide range of audio and video sources. Whether you’re a dedicated cinephile or a music enthusiast, the McIntosh MX180 A/V Processor is designed to elevate your entertainment experience to extraordinary heights.


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