Linn Sneaky DS

Network Music Player, Amplifier


Designed to impress with its sound, not its size, Sneaky DS is all you need to bring great music to more rooms. It can even adapt to where you want to position it, whether that’s on a table, squeezed into a bookshelf or completely hidden.Just like any Linn DS player, it can handle virtually anything streamed over your home network and has Space Optimisation built-in. Its on-board power amp means you just need to add speakers, making it a perfect solution for adding great music to more rooms.


When Linn launched their first DS player in 2007, it turned the whole concept of music streaming on its head. Designed by Linn from the ground up, this was the highest quality ever heard from digital music and let you play the original Studio Master recording in your own home. But this was only ever the beginning.

Continuous innovation has delivered ever-improving performance, along with new features and numerous awards. But they are not going to stop innovating any time soon. And as any Linn DS owner will tell you, every new development has been provided as an upgrade to existing customers, from new formats to their incredible Space Optimisation technology.

Linn’s unique alliance of world-class audio engineering to an open and flexible networked design means that any music source—whether stored or streamed, connected or wireless—sounds better through a Linn DS player.

All Linn’s network players use a standard home network, so whether you’ve ripped all your CDs onto your PC, or want to AirPlay from your iPad, they have it all covered.

What’s more you can listen to music from the cloud too, such as Netflix, Spotify or the lossless streaming service TIDAL.


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