Linn Klimax 350 Passive

  • Floor Standing
  • Passive Loudspeaker

Linn’s best passive speaker provides stunning performance out of the box, and the flexibility to upgrade to the ultimate system: Exakt.

It can be used in a passive set-up with the amplifiers of your choice, and upgraded to either a fully integrated Klimax Exakt 350 by simply changing the amp module, or for no-holds-barred performance, using separate Klimax amps and Exaktboxes.

Featuring Linn’s 3K driver array for amazing mid and high frequency dispersion and an Aktiv Servo-Driven Bass system for deep, powerful and controlled bass, performance will impress whichever way you use them.


Precision engineered and hand-finished by master craftsmen, Klimax 350 loudspeakers feature a host of innovative Linn technologies; from the wide dispersion of our patented 3K Driver Array to the beautifully curved, ultra-low resonance cabinets and perfectly precise Aktiv Servo-Controlled bass system.

Available in integrated Exakt and Passive models, Klimax 350 lets you specify your dream speaker with all the amps and electronics built in, or choose your own external components to build the ultimate separates system.



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