Linn Kiko System

Network Music Player, Preamplifier, Amplifier


Kiko is compact, flexible and surprisingly powerful. Stream digital music and movies, all in exceptional sound quality. And with all the inputs you need to connect your TV, Blu-Ray player or games console, Kiko improves any music, movie or gaming experience.


Don’t be fooled by their diminutive size. Kiko’s speakers are each powered actively by two amplifiers, minimizing distortion and maximizing their punchy performance

Featuring Linn’s DS streaming technology and a range of inputs to connect anything in your living room, Kiko can be easily expanded from a single room, to a full multiroom system.
Linn’s unique alliance of world-class audio engineering to an open and flexible networked design means that any music source—whether stored or streamed, connected or wireless—sounds better through a Linn DS player. All Linn’s network players use a standard home network, so whether you’ve ripped all your CDs onto your PC, or want to AirPlay from your iPad, they have it all covered. What’s more you can listen to music from the cloud too, such as Netflix, Spotify or the lossless streaming service TIDAL.


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