dCS Bartók APEX Streaming DAC


The dCS Bartók APEX Streaming DAC redefines audio excellence by combining the powerful, dynamic, and detailed soundscape of the original Bartók with an added level of resolution and refinement previously attainable only with the Rossini or Vivaldi APEX systems.

Engineered to set a new standard for transparency, the Bartók APEX uncovers intricate details and textures often overlooked by most systems. From the most sweeping dynamic ranges to the subtlest tonal shifts, it presents each facet of a recording with effortless refinement and precision.

Available in two finishes, the Bartók APEX can also be equipped with an optional headphone amplifier. Its versatile digital inputs, including Ethernet, USB, AES, and S/PDIF, allow seamless connectivity with various devices and streaming services. The DAC section boasts independent balanced and unbalanced line outputs, eliminating the need for a separate preamplifier.

Designed with flexibility and future-proofing, the Bartók APEX incorporates dCS’s latest Digital Processing Platform and Ring DAC™ technology. Its FPGA-driven signal processing ensures superior adaptability, enabling it to evolve with advancing technologies.
The Bartók APEX’s user-friendly interface and custom control app provides intuitive management of music playback from various sources, including iRadio channels, digital, and UPnP sources. With features like DXD and optional DSD upsampling, it delivers a highly customizable listening experience.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Bartók APEX boasts aerospace-grade machined aluminum and internal damping panels to minimize sound-degrading effects. Its multi-stage power regulation, coupled with dual mains transformers, isolates DAC circuitry from the headphone amplifier, ensuring uncompromised performance.
Adding the APEX upgrade to the Ring DAC hardware further refines the Bartók APEX, reducing noise and distortion while enhancing linearity. This improves dynamics, rhythm, soundstage resolution, and sonic realism.

Designed and crafted in Great Britain to exacting standards, the Bartók APEX promises an audio experience that is precise, immersive, and faithful to the original recording. With its unmatched technical prowess and musicality, the Bartók APEX is a testament to dCS’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence.


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